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About Us
Amr Hussein Abudawood House for Publishing and Distribution is an integrated enterprise. With many years of experience in the publication and distribution field. We have formal authorization from the shrine of the Ministry of Information, to carry out all the functions of distribution including magazines, brochures, flyers, catalogs, pamphlets, invitation cards, gifts, and any other publications.

Our Vision
To be the number one rated company specialized in the distribution of free publications in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

Our Mission
To achieve excellence in performance and quality of work and the speed of deployment to ultimately gain customer satisfaction. Our target is to reach all targeted segment with the best means and in the shortest time.

Why Brochures are Important
Brochures represent a means of propaganda proven by market studies to be the most effective and fastest way to reach targeted segments in the business world. They are the first and basic step to provide the appropriate image of the institution or trading system as a whole. It is therefore important that newly emerging institutions or ones introducing new products to the market place be represented in the form of brochures that best reflects the institution’s identity and the values the entity was founded upon to the business world.

Our Team
A specialized team in the field of publishing and distribution is characterized by a high level of experience and accuracy in work. They are fully equipped with all electronic devices from GPS systems, wireless devices and varied means of transport. Constant follow-up and supervision by veteran distribution field managers during all phases of the distribution process.

AHA is considered among the best companies in the distribution sector in terms of the providing their work force the following: ongoing training, better work conditions, high salary structure and reward programs.